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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Compounding pharmacists are meeting the needs of peri-menopausal and menopausal women and men (Andropause) by use of bio-identical hormones. These hormones are appealing to patients because they help to mend a hormonal imbalance with hormones that are identical to those produced in the human body.

A compounding pharmacist can tailor a hormone regimen, which mimics what a female’s body has been doing for the past 50 years or so. All women are not the same therefore, a compounding pharmacist can add value by preparing the medication to “fit” the patient with the appropriate dosage strength and form. For male patients, supplementation of the basic hormone testosterone has shown to be an effective treatment for most men experiencing Andropause.

The compounding pharmacist, working in triad with the patient and her physician, can start and maintain bio-identical hormone replacement. Hormones can be placed in a variety of dosage forms including: capsules; topical creams, suppositories and sublingual troches or lozenges. As the patient works with her physician and compounding pharmacist, she can choose the dosage route and strength that is most beneficial and pleasing to her.

Compounding for Dentists

Upon a prescription order, we can compound:

Medications are manufactured in a limited number of strengths and dosage forms that will satisfy the needs of most patients due to stability concerns, and the cost of stocking and distributing numerous formulations of each drug. Using pharmaceutical grade chemicals and specialized equipment not found in most pharmacies, we can compound medications in doses and dosage forms that are not commercially available. We want to optimize the care of every patient. Just let us know what you need!

Problem Areas/Disease States

Dosage forms

Dermatology Compounding Areas

Compounding Opportunities in Family Practice Medicine

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Capsules,topicals,suppositories,sublingual troches or lozenges,and tablet triturates.

Fungal Infections

Antifungal liquids and creams


Speed gels, troches, nasal sprays, capsules

Mouth Ulcers

Polyox bandages, gels, oral rinses


Capsules, troches, topical gels, suppositories


Transdermal gels and creams

Sports Injuries

Transdermal gels, muscle relaxants

Sore Throat

Lollipops, troches, anesthetics, mouth rinses

Bad Breath

Mouth rinses, sprays


Sprays, gels, creams


Rectal Rocket suppositories, ointments

Anal Fissures

Suppositories, gels

Compounding Opportunities in Hospice Medicine

Nausea & Vomiting

Suppositories, troches, suspensions, transdermal gels, rapid dissolve

Excess Salivation

Oral rinses, capsules, liquids, rapid dissolve


Transdermal gels, suppositories, extended-release capsules, troches, topical gels, injectables, rapid dissolve

Neuropathic Pain

Transdermal gels




Dry Mouth

Saliva substitute gels and liquids, saliva stimulant troches, sprays, capsules


Lollipops, troches, oral rinses, topical bases

Compounding for Pediatric Needs

Compounding for Podiatrists

Compounding for Vet Needs:

Compounding Opportunities in Sports Medicine


Flexible collodion preparations

Fever Blisters

Lip Balms With Or Without Sunblock


Sports Drink Formulas

Athlete’s Foot

Topical Antifungals

Muscle Aches

Topical Gels

Muscle Cramps

Speed Gels, Topicals


Polyox Bandages, Tissue Regenerating Gels, Protective Ointments



Carpal Tunnel

Transdermal Gels

Dry Skin

Moisturizing Creams, Lotions

Nail Fungus

Antifungal Solutions


Rectal Rocket Suppositories, Ointments


Transdermal Gels

Trigger Point

Transdermal Gels

Customized Veterinary Compounding Needs

Pharmacists & Veterinarians working together to improve and maximize the therapeutic success and compliance of pets, exotics, wildlife, zoo animals, large & small animals, (and reduce the overall cost of animal care).

Veterinary preparations currently compounded: